The Red Panda (The Endangered Animals Series)

The red panda, being a popular creature for its adorable, attractive nature, is a given significant amount of attention across conservation activist circles, including locals and non-governmental organizations. Despite the attention it receives, this creature faces many hurdles of survival, mostly caused by human activity. One of the main reasons for this animal’s endangerment is malnourishment. The staple diet of the red panda, which consists of roots, fruits and especially bamboo shoots, are becoming less and less ubiquitous. Other reasons such as habitat degradation and poaching also contribute.

Here are quick facts about Red Pandas:

Scientific Name: Ailurus fulgens

Class: Mammal

Diet: Primarily Herbivorous

Average wild life span: 8 Years

Size: Head and Body 20 - 26 inches, tail 12 - 20 inches

Weight : 12 - 20 inches

Size : relative to a 6ft man




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