The Blue Whale (Endangered Animals Series)

The Blue Whale, the largest animal ever known to live on Earth, weighs as much as 200 tons (approximately 33 elephants) and has a heart the size of a Volkswagen beetle. While it’s stomach can hold one ton of krill, it eats about 4 tons of krill each day.They are considered as one of the loudest animals, almost as loud as a jet engine. Despite having these tremendous attributes, they face daily challenges for survival. These challenges come in the form of human activities such as ship strikes and getting entangled in fishing gear. There are also other threats such as habitat loss, toxins and climate change which put the lives of these innocent creatures at risk.

Quick facts

Scientific name :Balaenoptera musculus

Class : Mammal

Diet : Carnivorous

Average : 80 - 90 years

Length : 80 - 100 feet

Weight : approximately 200 tons



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