Growing mangoes in the sky

A while ago, I was eating a mango. As usual, you could say. I love mangoes. I really do. I soon finished devouring the pulpy, golden flesh and considered disposing of the seed, but I hesitated, and thought up an amazing, very original idea. I would plant the seed, and I would, as is the theme of this website, become a Guardian. So I marched on over to the backyard, spade in hand, grandfather at my side. Soon, the seed was buried in rich, clayey soil.

Now, browsing the internet for the proper method to plant a mango seed never occurred to me, as I was sure my grandfather would know how to. After all, he has been taking care of the huge mango tree in my backyard since somewhere in the 1950's. I left it alone for a few days, but soon I got curious. What if the seed didn't germinate? I had seen no evidence of a shoot coming up through the soil, but had chalked it off to just the need for time. But I looked it up anyway. Turns out there's a whole cult behind growing mangoes. There are countless videos on YouTube and articles online which cite totally different and dissimilar methods of growing a mango tree from a seed, and they all seem to exhibit equally likely results.

I was confused. Would my mango seed germinate? Was I supposed to extricate it from it's hard outer shell cover? Was I supposed to allow it's roots to take shape using a moisture infused tissue, then transplant it into the soil? Was I supposed to summon the Mango God and plead with him to give me another chance, and that I wouldn't throw away the seeds again?

Well, we won't ever know what works until we actually try it. The way I planted my mango seed might yield no plant at all, or it might grow better and more healthy than other methods, by utilizing the hard cellulose filled cell walls of the sclereid cells as nourishment. Probably not. Who knows?

Again, we learn something from these wardens of nature. The mango seed has evolved to grow under any circumstance. A bird, a monkey or a human, whichever picks it up, the seed must find the opportunity to take root, whether it be tossed aside onto the jungle floor, or placed carefully onto wetted soil. We too must be able to adapt. We too must be able to strike out on our own and not rely on the experiments of others. We too must be mango seeds.

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