101 on Birdscaping

Birdscaping is the art of creating a habitat for birds, one of the most effective ways to attract them to your house, garden etc. To attract more birds, here a compilation of things you can do:

  • Multiple Feeders; Having multiple bird feeders hanging in your terrace or your backyard is one way to go about welcoming them - you could also fill them with sunflower seeds, corn, millet, peanuts, fruit & jelly + more. Bird feeders could also be made from waste materials at home like water bottles, lego bricks etc.

  • Nature Around; Birds feel safe around greenery, try placing your bird feeders near some shrubs or bushes or a plant nearby and enhance their seamless natural feel. You could also explore birdscaping in a nearby garden or park in the mornings.

  • Clean Water; Like how we depend on clean, healthy water or survival, birds do as well! To maintain the bird’s health clean water is crucial. Empty and refill the water every night and this could also attract birds - try creating an extension of their home by creating moving water, a slight motion in the water can catch the bird’s eyes.

  • Sky High; Birds are instantly attracted to places where there are less predators out of their reach - set up your bird feeder or bird bath in a high yet reachable setting for yourself and keep them away from cats or any other predators.

  • Bright Colours; Bright and attractive colours pique their attention. They can view different colours like a human eye can and rely on it for numerous things. Red usually attracts hummingbirds while colours like orange and yellow attract goldfinches. In general, birds are attracted to their own colours

These simple yet effective steps could help you attract birds to your place. Try them out and participate in our “Bird Watch” competition.

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