What is the Omega Tree?

The Omega Tree is a community of eco-conscious students discussing topics related to the environment, how it is being adversely affected by certain human activities, and how they can help in safeguarding it. The Omega Tree itself "grows" as the number of contributors increases. Members are awarded badges according to the "service" they provide to the Omega Tree, which basically translates to more discussion and engagement with the community = higher rank!


The Omega Tree Team

Anutthaman AB

Student Leader | Website Concept & Design

I'm often dumbfounded by the amount of things we don't know about the green around us. About how much we can learn from it. True love, I once heard, is simply generosity: asking for nothing, while providing everything. Flora, I feel, have found this ultimate kind of true love. They give us oxygen, shelter, fiber, fruit and wood, all things without which the world would not be what it is today. But they don't ask for much in return do they? The nature around us can teach us some valuable lessons, and I want to show those lessons to as many as possible, as best as I can.

Roshini Venkatesh

Student Leader | Social Media Manager

Hey Everyone! I am super grateful for this opportunity – to make a change and help our environment along with all of you. Environment has always been a concern to me and while I'm good at organizing and planning new things, I thought I'd put it to good use and help create this platform. I believe if we want to see change, we should be willing to start it if we have an opportunity.

Ganga Raghavan

Mentor | Teacher Coordinator

Ganga Ma'am has been with us from the conception of this idea to the day we published the website. Without her guidance and counseling, this project may have never come into fruition. 
As words of wisdom, she says: "There is no path to love. Love is the path."

Fog and Nature